Dear Luciano, I have seen you last pictures and I have brought them with me. I haven’t paid a penny for them but nobody could take them away from me because at dusk and down, through the grass, in the bright sun, in a cloudy or misty sky, I’ll always see your horses, your bunches of flowers, the yellow hat of a girl whose eyes are shadowed; I’ll see lights appear where is darkness, I’ll see images appear from the air where you saw them and you fixed them. But I have seen them; they have come towards me, now they are next to me and nobody could ever take them away: even you! I close my eyes and immediately I see the images….and I’m not alone. Mario Ortensi - Assisi august 1975

The solitude in all of your paintings strikes me. The images plunged in colors that never have violent hues even when their shades are deep. In these colors there always is a gleam of hope. Strong is the contrast between the horses and the solitude of the vague outlines of the faces. Mauro Bolpagni

These pictures (fighting horses) give me a curious feeling: It seems a game between horses that has been interrupted. They communicate the sensation of a static dynamism, an outburst of life stopped at its climax. It is like a photographer that interrupts the playful rush of the two animals in perfect harmony. Their freedom has been stolen by a nasty objective. Stefano Bettini

Strong colorist who refuses abstractionism and rhetoric, Luciano Bernasconi looks for his inspiration in the color which he tries to reproduce with loving faith. He finds, even in the simplest things, the intimate sense of poetry that is inside. His painting is free and varied, his are images that hint at instead of marking the harmony of color. Aedo D’Inirvaga

Luciano Bernasconi can be defined a crepuscular figurative painter. He is been painting since 1966 and in his career history he has won prizes and appreciation. Men, obsessed by the psychological void that take shape around them every day are the leading characters of his works. In his paintings, the images become peculiar symbols, and the landscape is reduced to skeletonized trees. These works by Bernasconi are permeated by sadness. Perhaps in his colors, in those bright lights that paint the horizon there is hope for a different life. His images seem to be waiting, and perhaps they are waiting for the birth of some magic horses or a fantastic character from a dream. Luciano Bernasconi is an artist with a precise and personal language. From: Il Tempo

His pictorial language refuses abstractionism. His is a modern painting of a refinement highlighted by colors and shades that give a remarkable expressive intensity. The theme of Bernasconi’s works of art is reality in his objectivity. Luigi Pellegrini from: Nuova Rassegna

About Luciano Bernasconi: Momento Sera – L’Avanti – Il mensile Vip – Paese Sera – Il mensile Nuova Rassegna – Il Giornale d’Italia – Il Tempo – La Fiera Letteraria – La Gazzetta di Foligno – La Nazione.

His painting are found in private collections in Italy and France, in Ireland and in the U.S. One of his paintings, about the Resistance is in the council room of the 10th district in Rome.